What is toplistoftheworld?

Toplistoftheworld is the world's #1 online voting platform listing and ranking of everything through your choices.
Our tech-department turns non stop 24 hours lists into the “best possible Top List of the World Lists” based on toplistoftheworld's visitors from more than 200 countries worldwide.

What is toplistoftheworld MAJOR LIST?

We have main categories created by toplistoftheworld like PEOPLE.There we have sub categories like ACTORS,ACTRESSES,LEADERS and more.. If you choose any sub category e.g. ACTRESSES, then you are on our of list pages about ACTRESSES, where the whole lists about ACTRESSES are displayed. All our lists are voteable and in real time effected. Visitors can influence the rankings on a Major Lists in different ways: The MAJOR LISTS are most visited, most voted and most shared Lists, which display on top of each ranking page nearby the description of the lists. You can create your own list and if it is most visited, voted, shared among the others, your list will be MAJOR LIST on toplistoftheworld. A list becomes “MAJOR” when it receives a significant number of view, shares and votes.

How to reach a specific list on toplistoftheworld?

If your topic is not reachable through the search bar, you can find on our home page full list of all sub categories. There you can find the related list/topic through this sub-categories. If you click any sub category link, you are here on that page where all relevant lists display about that sub category.

Can I Add a Nominee to the Lists?

ALWAYS ! ANYTIME ! All toplistoftheworld lists are open to Add Nominee to Lists. The only thing you have to do is to fill out the information page and wait for our editorial team to check out if it is suitable with the related list.

What is '' List Your own Version'' and '' Make A New list ''?

All lists will have a '' List Your own Version " button. Clicking that will open a window for related list. There you can rank the items-nominees in any way you like, it means this list should be ranked like this through your opinion. After finishing your specific ranking, it is also possible to share your version on social media. As much as you share your version, it has a positive effect on your nominee and also on the list, for becoming a Major List. To Make A New List on toplistoftheworld, you just need to replace your list on the relevant main and sub category on the form.Then you can add your items-nominees with pictures.That is all, so easy! For more info please click >>> How to make a new list on toplistoftheworld ? How often can I vote for the same item? I want to vote for an item again on a List, but it does not work. Why? Vistors are allowed to vote up or down as much as they want for different items. But specific items need some time, depending on the list, for the next up down vote.

What is a Survey?

Some surveys are available for a specific time, some are ongoing ,to show the visitors real time effects.Surveys are either global polls or local polls answering the expectations of visitors,with hopes and feelings. Who is Best Mesothelioma Law Firm ? Which is Best Asbestos Lawyers ? Best Law Insurance or Car Insurance or Choose Cheap Domain Registration Hosting ,Most Popular Dedicated Hosting,Dedicated Server Hosting companies,Criminal Lawyer,car accident lawyer or attorney...Those are not for a specific time. But '' Who will win the euro cup 2020 ?''. ''Who deserves 2018 FIFA World Cup?'' Those surveys last a specific time.

toplistoftheworld.com is the first popularity ranking platform worldwide. How come ?

Millions of visitors, from more than 200 countries worldwide vote, decide and share the rank on toplistoftheworld. It is a more valid, global and just platform than the choice of a specific person, a jury consisting of a group of a few people and more valid compared to the case when visitors are only from just a few countries.