Best Shopping Malls in Istanbul

The Top 30 Istanbul Shopping Malls

In addition to its natural beauty and historical heritage, Istanbul is also a fascinating shopping attraction for tourists with its over 100 shopping malls. Visitors can relax, socialize with loved ones, enjoy the spacious architectural designs, dine at restaurants offering a variety of cuisines and have access to thousands of national and international brands in well-known stores ranging from fashion to technology, sports to decoration, cosmetics to DIY.


But what is it that really makes a shopping mall special for tourists? Easy transportation? Brand mix? Dining opportunities? Architectural attributes of the mall? General atmosphere? Campaigns and promotions? Leisure opportunities appealing to the whole family?


TopListoftheWorld reveals the most popular shopping centers in the wonderful city of Istanbul voted by visitors from over 200 countries.

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The Top 30 Istanbul Shopping Malls

Best Shopping Malls in Istanbul

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