Greatest Metal Bands

Who is really the greatest ? Is it Steppenwolf,Black Sabbath,Pelican or Blue Cheer?  Maybe Judas Priest?  

And which band started heavy metal? Is Led Zeppelin heavy metal?  Is Linkin Park? 

There are several lists which rank and list the most popular heavy bands all around the world. Here on is the no 1 list all around the world with the most voted and ranked list of greatest heavy metal bands.

How to define greatest Band ; is it the heavy metal band that sold the most albums or is it the most influential band maybe is it the most inventive band?  Some bands were truly ahead of their time, while others were following a trend to its logical conclusion.  Certainly all of these elements go toward making a band "the greatest," though some may predominate over others.

With all of this in mind here powered the list of  "Greatest Heavy Metal Bands of All Time"